The Incredible Types Of Food You’ll Enjoy In Tuscany

Tuscany is famous for one thing: food. The region is home to some of the most incredible culinary experiences in the world. From fresh pasta to locally grown produce, you’ll find an abundance of mouthwatering flavors at every turn. So what type of food can you expect when visiting cooking in tuscany tour? Explore the different types of food you can find in this beautiful part of Italy and which regional cuisine in Tuscany you should try first on your next trip.

Fresh Pasta

There’s nothing better than freshly made pasta. And in Tuscany, you can find plenty of it. In fact, the region has become famous for their fresh pasta. Strips of freshly made pasta, tossed in a rich tomato sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan, baked in an oven to create a crisp, crusty exterior. It’s a dish that will have your taste buds tingling for days. They also have a variety of other pasta dishes, all made with freshly made pasta.

Sugary Snacks

Now you can’t go to Tuscany and not try one of their famous desserts. Unfortunately, there’s simply too many to choose from. But no trip to Tuscany would be complete without trying one of their famous cannolis. These Italian treats are usually filled with a sweet ricotta cream and dipped in a crunchy coating of nuts and cocoa. You can find them at most bakeries and ice cream shops in the region.

Meaty Meals

Tuscany is also famous for their savory foods. From roasted meats to fresh fish, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re craving roasted chicken, you have to try one of the many trattorias in the region. They’re famous for their roast chicken and it comes in all different flavors. They usually serve it with a simple side dish of potatoes and vegetables. You can also find roast pork and roast lamb.

Fruity Desserts

As if their savory delights weren’t enough, they also have a variety of fresh fruit desserts to enjoy as well. If you like to end your meal on a sweet note, you should try a bowl of mixed fruit. In Tuscany, they don’t simply serve it on a plate. They serve it in a bowl. You can also find other types of fruit desserts, including a popular dish made with pears. It’s called cotogne e pere (or “pears and pears”) and is made with a mixture of fruit, baked in a pastry.

Wherever you go in Tuscany, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite. It’s a region full of flavor and character. And best of all, it’s a region filled with amazing food!